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Photo Competition

First of all, we want to thank all those of you who took part in this photo competition. The jury (consisting of the members of Raid East accompanying team) had a hard time to select the most prize-worthy photographs among all the pictures we received. Here is the result:

1st Prize: Krzysztof Staniszewski, Poland

First prize

Somewhere in eastern Austria: the Raider and the country. A typical, though precious moment of travelling. Set out to explore the country, the raider is going his own way that in the end will reunite him with the others...


2nd Prize: Stephan Duschinski, Germany

Second prize

This photograph was taken near the open air museum at Niedersulz - Raiders fit perfectly into a local scene. Or is it even an indication of what our raid paths and roads were like?


3rd Prize: Ralph Hibble, Australia

Third prize

View from Seiberer of the river Danube, the town of Weißenkirchen and the vineyards of the Wachau valley. This picture again combines the 2CV and the country, a leitmotif of the Raid.


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